From easy-to-understand language to simple, learn-as-you-go lessons, Plynk™ is packed full of features that make it easier to get started, get comfortable and get the hang of investing. Make sure you check out our “How it works” video below as well as our latest and greatest product features and benefits.

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Features & Benefits

Plynk ThinkSM

Plynk Think image

Learn as you go with education, tips and how-tos.
Want an easier way to get investing? Try Plynk Think, our educational hub that helps you learn as you go one level, one topic and one lesson at a time.

Plynk Explore

Plynk Explore image

Find investments that match your interests.
Do you want to invest but aren’t quite sure what to invest in? Plynk Explore can help. Just answer three simple questions and voila!

Gift Card

Gift Card image

Turn your unused gift cards into money to invest.
Do you have any unused gift cards sitting in your wallet, junk drawer or the bottom of your purse? Plynk let’s you turn those unredeemed gift cards into money you can invest.


Recurring Investments image

Putting good money habits on auto-pilot.
Just getting into investing and looking to build some momentum? Recurring investments are a great way to make that happen.

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Get Started

Take the first step

Just download the Plynk app and you'll be investing before you know it.

Download the App


Link Bank Account

Next, link your bank account

Once you do, you can transfer money and start investing instantly. It’s also necessary for the $10 sign-up bonus.

Learn How
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Understand how Plynk is regulated

Plynk is a service of Digital Brokerage Services LLC, a member of financial regulatory authority (FINRA, opens in new window) and securities protector investment corporation SIPC, opens in new window.

Plynk FAQs

Who can use Plynk?

We created Plynk with the beginner investor in mind. Plynk is available to US residents who are at least 18 years old.

How much money do I need to start investing?

There’s no minimum required to open a Plynk account, and you can start investing with as little as $1.

Please note: Fees apply to individual crypto trades.

What type of account am I opening with Plynk?

When you open an account with Plynk, you’re opening what’s called a brokerage account. It's an investing account that gives you access to the stock market. It holds the stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that you invest in.

What information do you collect and why?

Social Security number: Plynk asks for your Social Security number to verify your identity and protect against fraud. As a financial company, we’re required to collect, verify and record identification information.

Phone number: Plynk asks for your phone number to ensure the security of your account through your mobile device. We send you a one-time passcode when you log in to your account for the first time to verify it’s you setting up the account, and also when you change your username or password.

Address: Plynk asks for your address to (1) verify your identity and (2) mail you a tax form.

How much does Plynk cost?

Get started with the Plynk app for free. Some features may require a $2 monthly fee in the future. Learn more here. Fees apply to individual crypto trades.