Start investing with just $1

Now you don’t need to have hundreds of dollars to own a slice of your favorite company.

February 25, 2021

Start investing with just $1

Until recently, the only way you could invest in a stock was if you had enough cash to buy an entire share of stock and pay transaction fees. With Plynk, you can invest in a stock (or exchange-traded fund or mutual fund) with as little as $1 by buying a "fractional share."

With fractional share trading, you can buy a small slice of a company’s stock, rather than buying a whole share. That can make it easier to start investing since the stock for some companies can trade for hundreds or even thousands of dollars per share.

Netflix stock provides a clear example. A single share of this stock has traded at more than $500, but with fractional share trading, you could invest in Netflix with just $1! Over time, as you have more cash available, you can buy additional stock to build your investment portfolio even more. Fractional share trading makes investing more accessible for anyone to begin building for a better future.